Create objects with xyz coordinates

I’m looking to take a list of coordinates and create all the veticies in blender and from there create lines from vertex to vertex, and from there makes surfaces from lines. I use surfcam for work and have draftsight at home and both of them have a way to create vertecies by typing in coridanates, and am looking for an easier way to do in blender if there is one. Right now I create cube move vertecies to where I need them and delete any extras. While searching I did stumble across a ctrl+click to create vertex at cursor ( I think It was, cant find it now and not at home to see if it works)

Any help would be great even if it’s go hear or there but if you direct me to another post and it happens to be like the basic questions post that’s 130pages long at least tell me witch post number or even the page number.

I have no idea what that is other than its code. I’ll see if I can get a better understanding of blender this weekend.