Create plane of quads like in Townscaper

Is there a way in blender to create a plane of quads like that in the game Townscaper?

To my knowledge it is possible but with Remesh modifier + “fine tune” retopologizing as the modifier does leave some tris near edges. Also try retopo add-ons.

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Cannot get it work with remesh modifier.
I can get a kind of such a mesh if i use a cube, cut it half, subdivide modifier, plain it and use decimate modifier “un-subdivide” it.
You can control in which area a n-gon for a place or crossing should appear, which is nice. But the size and sheering of the is not so nice and looks bad. I try different source meshes and cuts, maybe i find a more satisfying start shape.

I couldn’t get Remesh to work with planes, had to extrude them a little first and then remesh. Of course after the remesh I removed the part extruded