create plate slide edges

trying to create a dish plate–tutorial to confusing–i add a circle and fill it–presp and top view in edit mode i deselect all–at this point i want to take the dish edges and slide it towards the center, do it more times–i dont know what to do at this point-- i understand the functionality of the edge slide and have done examples from wiki but the dish object is totally confusing–

any help direction is really appreciated–


First off, these kinds of questions are better placed in one of the help forum categories. You’re likely to get better attention there.

For your situation here, it seems that the “circle” you placed is actually a different kind of geometry - a curve (likely) in this case - and doesn’t behave the same way with the usual mesh tools (such as edge slide). It likely that you’ll need to convert the circle object to mesh (Alt-C keycombo, I think…) before editing it further.

Hope this helps.

Mods: please move this thread to the right forum. Thnx.

i really appreciate you help here–im sort of new to blender and really a newbee to asking for help