Create Polyhedrons?

I’ve search for an easy way to create the various types of Polyhedrons especially but not limited to the Platonic- and Archimedean solids.

I faintly remember that there was a python script for some of them out there, but couldn’t find it.

On a related note: I actually think these should be added to the primitives (sub-menu) in the “Add” menu (next to the Add->Vertex one :wink: )


Some of them are pretty simple to make using add circle and merge tool.

But on a curious note, why do you think they should be primitives?
Duh, (smacks forehead) the icosahedron is already a primitive: Icosphere, 1 subdivision. :o
Well, the others, I mean. I know they are of academic interest, but what would we do with them in modeling that we can’t already do?

@BeBraw: Thanks for the link this look definately promising. :slight_smile:

@Orinoco: I know that most of them can be made if the existing tools, but this is true for every shape. just build it point by point :wink: As an example: Do this with an dodecahedron (just an example) in a fast way. Not all of them have only triangles in them.

Anyway: Why do it yourself when they can be created automagically by a pre-defined script/function so something like that? Ok, I admit that my point gets moot when one places all of them into one nice & tidy blend-file for later import … which would have been be my next step after lack of finding a script:D … but even this solution robs you of the parametric entry options a script ‘can’ offer. And concerning the use: I can think of some real-life shapes that use one (or more) Polyhedron. Just think of your average soccer-ball.

Thanks for your answers,

Search around for “Geodesic” by Andy Houston. Its an older script but still one of the best out there (hard to find). There’s also “BMAE” but it doesn’t have as many shape possibilities as Andy’s. There is also another called “geodome” by Anthony D’Agostino.

If you can’t find them pm me.