Create shortest way between edge and verticles

Hello. I want to speed up my workflow so I need a proper solution for my problem :

I want quickly create verticles on left edge and connect them with right side. Now I just adding subdivision to edge and move my verticles, it is really annoying. Second option is adding subdivision to edge. Create new edge from left side verticles and merge it.

I look forward to any help :slight_smile:

extend vertices tool and vertex slide to get one positioned, then vertex bevel to get multiple vertices, bridge edge loops

Adjust workflow so that it doesnโ€™t produce unconnected geometry with bad approximation in the first place.

If I understand you correctly, I think you want to use the knife tool (K) to cut edges horizontally. Using C you can constrain the angle.

If you want the left edge to have verts at the same z axis positions as the verts on the right edge, just duplicate the right edge, select the new edge in vertice select mode, and press sx0 (assuming that the x axis is running left to right on the screen). This will align all the verts on the z axis. Now just replace the old left edge with this new one.