Create solid mass from topography

Hi all, I’m completely new to Blender.
I have created a topography and I want blender to create a solid mass. I was told that Boolean operation would do it but I’m not sure how to perform in order to get a solid mass. There are so many different Boolean operations.

Please help me.
Thank you.

“Topography is the study of the shape and features of the surface of the Earth and other observable astronomical objects including planets, moons, and asteroids.”

Blender is a polygonal modeler which is a surface type modeling paradigm. There’s no solids, other than what can be defined with an enclosed surface.

Use images to help you explain, and upload an example .blend for troubleshooting and communication. More in the tutorial linked in my signature.

can you be a bit more specific

i make planet maps and and other 3d data from imaging data from NASA/JPL and ESA missions

for example the minor body
– Ceres –
and a highpass

in blender a section of it
or something more like a heightmap converted to a mesh
from this image from the dawn spacecraft
i created a heightmap and rendered it

Nicely done with the NASA images.

baptize, post #1, are you perhaps wondering about some of the solidifying tools, there are some in edit mode which let you try to generate solids from non solid forms by effectively thickening their planes into closed volumes. Why do you want to do this? To 3d print a model of a landscape perhaps? Blender also has a series of 3d printing tools which can be turned on from within the user preferences window.

or do you mean from contour lines

contour lines can be “fun”

normally i use a GIS program like grass or qgis to make a vector shp file

or convert that shp vector into a csv text file then use a gdal tool to extrapolate the the sparse vector data into a gridded raster

or use Meshlab

we DO need a bit more of an explanation of what you have and want to achieve

a picture says a thousand words