Create texture atlas for alembic scene (.abc) file --> keeping the animation

Hello there,
How can i export an alembic scene (.abc) file and keep the animation and the texture Atlas ?
I have an alembic scene (.abc) file. It’s a Butterfly with an animation on the wings. I haven’t made it myself, so it came with UV-maps for each different object --> wings-eyes, body, face, etc,…

I need to bake textures for them in Blender, so i created a texture atlas for it. Now if i export the file, by selecting the TextureAtlas_mergedObject it works and if i load my file into my compositing software (blackmagic design fusion 9) then the texture atlas works fine.

The problem is that it doesn’t come with the animation of the wings. If i connect the baked texture to the original .abc file of the Butterfly in my compositing software --> then off course it doesn’t work, cause it hasn’t got the Texture Atlas information in it. It looks like this then:

So my questions is: how can i import the .abc file in blender --> create a texture atlas for it --> and export it again with the texture atlas uv map and keeping the animation of the wings ?

I hope somebody can help me out?

greetz Lenny