Create UV mappings for environmental maps


I tried to create an environmental mapping for a sphere by using Blender’s UV/Image Editor. As you can see in the attachment the generated result is disappointing (created with the smart projections unwrap function).

I know the possibility to manage environmental maps over Blender’s material buttons, but the generated result has to be exported over an *.obj file into an OpenGL application. Since materials in OpenGL and materials in Blender are different as day and night, it is only possible to go over the UV mapping.

At the moment I am out of ideas, so I am happy for some help.


envmap.blend (250 KB)

You could try - Unwrap - project from View.

For the Top view for example:
Press “7” on Numpad to go to Topview in the 3DWindow
select the Faces you want to be mapped with the Top View.
Then - Unwrap - project from View
The same on all other views

This would give better results, but not perfect

To get the best results, you could use a Cube as Environment with the texture mapped on.
And then by creating a shadeless, reflective Material for your sphere, you could bake this Material to your UVMap.