Create vertices?

Hi guys,
How can I create vertices on a mesh?

Im guessing the reason u have no replies yet is because your question is written poorly, so could u rewrite the question to make it more understandable? Or try posting a screenshot of what you need vertices added on to…I will he happy to help when I understand what u want :slight_smile:

In edit mode, to create a single vertice, you just Control click. if you have another vertex selected, then it will extrude that vertex.

To add vertices on a current mesh, you can loop cut (ctrl R) or subdivide ( W, Subdivide)

Not sure if that fully answered your question though.

There are many ways to do this depending on what it is that you wish to do. To add a single vertice to your mesh, Use ctrl + left click while in edit mode (make sure nothing is selected, Use Akey to do this) and that vertice will be connected by an edge. You can also subdivide a line for more vertices. You can also slide them around on the lines. Hmmm, let’s see, you can also duplicate a vertice and move your 3d cursor to another vertice and then scale your original vertice towards or away from the 3d cursor. Really, a hard question to answer without more details.

I’m not actually working on anything, just have a few ideas:) Thanks for the answers, W was exactly what I was looking for:D