Create your own Blender with new modifers and faster rendering

With the default build, you get only features that meet all this criteria:

  • the big boss wants it (google about colored wireframe for example, but their are others cases like that)
  • other devs approve (see fracture modifier, rejected just because it creates many independent parts… like the instance modifier, ask the fracture modifier devs what they thing about the reason they see there code postponed for years.)
  • find enough reviewer time (go through the tracker to see how many great patches are taking dust since years, I have 2 of them, which make OpenCL rendering 30% faster open since 4 years iirc)

The course makes the C/C++ patches like addons. You will just have to “install” them from the branches like mantaflow or scrambling, or from the patch tracker like this one for example and it will stay on your version. It will only cost a rebuild (5 minutes on windows, 2 minutes on Linux) and maybe some small manual fixes once a month, when someone else modify the same part as one of your patches or a function was renamed internally, all of this is explained in the course.

Other reason why it’s easy for you: because you don’t have to follow strict standard for coding, the only goal is that it works and is stable. The last features I made for cycles was 4 lines big, but it took many weeks of review, one bug hunting and fix, plus a rewrite of another part of the code to get in master… The main devs know what has to be done, just don’t have the time to do it and won’t have it anytime soon with 1300+ bugs opened … and it’s only the beginning of the beta phase, most bugs aren’t even discovered.


wow… I want this.
I hope you advance to intermediate and advanced level after beginner version, cause I have some ideas to implement as modifiers, but I dont know where to start and I dont understand very well blender source code structure.

thank you

If the beginner/intermediate course works well, I’ll do an advanced one of course.

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Wow this sounds awesome. :slight_smile:

I’ll be keeping an eye on this. This is the kind of stuff I and many others have been asking for.

The poll showed that as many people want a ready to use build as people wanting to learn how to do it themselves. So I’ll make a build, which will get 1 year of updates for free every week. You can win a free version over there if you guess right :slight_smile: : E-Cycles - Faster cuda rendering

This is awesome!
Will there be any section on the interface and ui and how to customise it?

It’s planned, yes.

To all, Blender 2.8 is very unstable still. I got one file corrupted today while preparing the course. And it crashes very often. So I think it would be much better to learn on a stable base with the 2.7x branch still. When 2.8x is stable, I would then update the course for the parts that changed (the 4 first chapters and half of the fifth are 100% the same on both branches anyway.) Would that be ok for you?


Sounds good. Learning on an unstable system sounds rather unpleasant.

I have being using Blender 2.8 for some projects and is stable enough for my needs and fixes are coming in quickly. For myself I have no interest in wasting time learning Blender 2.7 when I only plan in using Blender 2.8.


Then I’ll do both, it’s only a small overhead as only the modifier code has really changed.
Anyway, you are kind of lucky to manage to not trigger any important bug with 1300+ being still opened :slight_smile:

I’m streamlining the code a lot at the moment to make it as simple as possible, while keeping the functionality and speed improvement. Actually in some cases, making the code lighter also made my workflow as a user better even.
Some commit’s “lines of code / benefit” ratios will surprise you I think :slight_smile:

Definitely interested in learning this as well. Have wanted to add an own (really trivial) modifier for a long time, maybe this is the kick-start to finally be able to submit it as a diff. How can I enter the course?

It will be available soon, I’m just adapting to the first feedbacks. I took one total beginner to ensure the beta already is as smooth for the students as possible. I’ll first release in English, then finalize French and German. I hope to be able to release the 4 first chapters this WE, the fifth one should come the week after.

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This sounds really fantastic. Thankyou for taking the time to do this.

Sign me up now I really want to learn this stuff.


does this project has any relation to Blender101?

It’s only related to 101 in the sens that it allows you to add new functionality to better fit your workflow, which is also a part of 101 goal. But it’s a course. Blender 101 is a project from the BF for an easy to use Blender for children / non-professionals.

The modifier part is now fully ported to 2.8. So I can start to make the according part of the tutorial and as a student you can then freely decide if you work on 2.7x or 2.8x :slight_smile:

Sounds coool! I’m definitely interested

wow… do i have to sign in somewhere?

The beta opens tomorrow.