Create your own Blender with new modifers and faster rendering

Hi there! Any ETA on this? I’m not interested on cycles part.

Btw, great idea for a course! Lack of structured info on this endeavour is remarkable.

Hi :slight_smile:

the version without the Cycles part will be released on 4th of April with 25% off on this day (EST time) and then 69€.

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Hey bliblubli, just purchased the course, it seems to be awesome.

Thanks for this, I was in the need for something like that :slight_smile:


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Hey Juang,

If you have any question, you can contact me per PM or email. Have fun and if you do something great with it, I’ll be happy to see your results :slight_smile:


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Yes, thanks!

I’ll tell you any doubts I have, I think it’s exciting to be able to get dirty with Blender and a course like this was needed for non-experts in C++ like me.

You will probably be the responsible of myself starting to fight with C++ hahaha

I will post any thing I achieve, that’s for sure.

My first target is to implement in 2.8 the most important things for me that we use from the Theory Studios build, Dithered Sobol, Scramble Distance and Intel Denoiser, and you cover the three of them, so it’s going to be a fun ride! :smiley:

After that I want to dig into your GPU optimizations and see what you did to try to understand everything and fight a bit with the CPU part of things, but I’m not sure If I will have level for the time being hehehe



For me, @bliblubli Blender course is the best thing ever. I love this course. He is doing magic and making it look easy. :slight_smile:


I know a little about code and even less about git, this has made it way less scary.

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More than the curves as modifiers, I think the mid+ user wrestles more in Blender is: how to create custom buttons on the UI. I know there comes a .py example on the files, but if we could get a walk through on how to implement custom ui (and I don´t mean on the property pages, but overlaying on the 3D view window interface), that would attract a LOT of people.
Those are obscure areas to dig and develop, and your training course seems fitting.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not use time covering modifiers, dedicate this series to personal customization to UI (3d view overlay) buttons and sliders like any other 3d application. Pop up windows (pres F6 after creating a cube, kind of pop up).
I´ll definitively buy something that can override a lot of UI mistaken decisions on 2.8…

I’ll have a look to the blender 2.8 API for that, but looking at python devs comments in different threads, it brakes every other week at the moment, so I think it may be better to wait for the dust to settle before making a course that will be valid one month at best.
I’ll have a look when the April update of E-Cycles is ready.

To all students having difficulties building the blender2.7 branch, it’s due to a bad commit in the official repository. Please checkout the commit 83de13f75aafca7d4e1d58ddd36cca19121aa84f if you want to work on 2.79x.

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The amount of support is incredible! For a complete beginner its easy to get overwhelmed, this course and it’s support has kept me from anxiety and frustration! Thanks a ton!

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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The terrain modifier has been updated to apply on latest master.

So sales started with 30% off, it also apply on a new standard version at an already reduced price. You can get:

  • Make your own Blender 30% off with this coupon . It applies on:
    • the standard version (compiling Blender, adding patches, managing branches, adding new modifiers, customizing Cycles UI, keeping up to date with latest master, starting in new areas of the code)
    • and the extended version (all of the standard version plus the ~2x speedup from E-Cycles and patches like dithered sobol, scrambling distance from Lukas Stockner or the new Intel AI denoiser patch from @skwerner. It also includes example builds)
  • E-Cycles all 2019 updates with 50% off:

Some selection about what students say about the course:

And 2 cool work made by Johannes:

Still some hours left to learn how to have 2x faster Cycles, new modifiers and create your own Blender.
What about Mantaflow with a new AI denoiser and 2x faster rendering for awesome photo-realistic water simulations?

I just checked, all the diffs for 2x speedup and AI denoiser (OIDN) node available in the course apply on the latest fracture modifier branch :slight_smile: Just created a new branch with the best of both worlds.
I will check Mantaflow tomorrow.

I got lots of emails and PM today, I did my best to answer everyone, but if I forgot one, pock me :wink:

Hey @bliblubli I read in the other thread that if you put 0 in scramble distance you enable E-Cycles sampling, can you explain a bit about that? I´m curious about it :slight_smile:

Well, I may change the UI later, but I tried to make it simpler by not adding too much parameters. In the end, it looks like it creates more confusion than anything else. It’s a beta and I’m thinking about changing it to only make it available through presets. It’s a bit to hard to use it seems. For the rest, I can explain how it works internally per PM.

I succeeded to build a Blender build my own. I thought it would take a few days, turned out to be a few hours :slight_smile:
I can’t wait to go deep into Blender

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