Create your own Blender with new modifers and faster rendering

You can learn how to make your own Blender with faster Cycles, new modifiers, the branches you like, etc. on Gumroad or on the Blendermarket. If you prefer ready to use builds with fast rendering, you can get E-Cycles, which gives you on average like a second GPU for less than half the price of a GTX 1060.

I don’t have a lot of many
if you have anythink :roll_eyes:


if you want to see how the rendering can be made faster, you can have a look to Lukas Stockner github page and his scrambling distance patch and particularly this commit Then, how to build Blender for your platform is also documented here

I participate to the sales of Gumroad and Blendermarket most of the time. So you may get the course at a reduced rate then. If you are student, you can also get all 2019 updates of E-cycles 2.8x with 70% off, just PM me.

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bliblubli I’m otman, i want to create animation of fluid effect; and when I want to bake this animation, the baking don’t finish like I’want .
what is the problem ???

and I forget
thanks for the links

THIS is the project.
if you want to check out :water.blend (426.1 KB) :hugs:

Hi Otman,
maybe you wanted to post it in the flip fluid thread? Here it’s about building Blender and making your first steps to coding new features.

THANK YOU bliblubli

Hi bliblubli,
I want to make power ball in blender like in dragon ball movie
how can i make it ???

I would model it and give it an emission material. Using smoke simulation would look to realistic. Take some screeshot of your prefered power ball and try to make a material that matches the picture. But for such question, the support threads for modeling and materials are better suited. This thread is for modifying Blender to create a better fit for your workflow.

I triyed yesterday the idea of the smoke simulation but it thosnt work
if you have an other ideas pleas :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Last time and after that, this thread focus on improving Blender:
It’s not Blender but you can take inspiration from it He does everything in post pro, no 3D, no modeling, only post pro effects. Maybe you should go that way?

thanks for the information
and I think the electricity or the light of power is the same :thinking::thinking:

this is my animation water in if you like it and tell me your opinianUploading: 0001-0116.avi…

and if you want to see more you this my channel in youtube ‘‘ani dé’’ :smile::smile::smile:
if you like it chare it

I think mod should move Abdeljalil_Otman to Test or vip forum section. This thread is not for asking for feedback.


Is this course also for 2.8? and do you have an ETA on the advanced course? As a student i kindly ask when the next sale will be?

@schamph The course covers both 2.79 and 2.80. The majority of the lessons apply to Blender in general and aren’t version specific (setting up a development environment, using version control, obtaining the code and libraries, etc.) Where there are differences, both versions are covered. Hope that helps :slight_smile:



As @CGMoth said, both version are covered.
The advanced version is already there and includes all the patches for E-Cycles up to the march version (the CUDA speedup, Intel denoiser node, etc.) on top.

For the next sale, I don’t know yet for sure, I only followed platforms sales until now. I’ll take a break during the summer. To compensate for the delayed support, I could offer 25% off then. I’ll announce it when I know more.

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To answer several question I had, yes the course is updated regularly and works on official 2.80 release. I updated a patch to resolve some new speed bottlenecks that were added in Blender 2.80 some weeks ago. So I recommend everybody to have a look to the new version.