Create your own Blender with new modifers and faster rendering

Hi bliblubli,
I want to make power ball in blender like in dragon ball movie
how can i make it ???

I would model it and give it an emission material. Using smoke simulation would look to realistic. Take some screeshot of your prefered power ball and try to make a material that matches the picture. But for such question, the support threads for modeling and materials are better suited. This thread is for modifying Blender to create a better fit for your workflow.

I triyed yesterday the idea of the smoke simulation but it thosnt work
if you have an other ideas pleas :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Last time and after that, this thread focus on improving Blender:
It’s not Blender but you can take inspiration from it He does everything in post pro, no 3D, no modeling, only post pro effects. Maybe you should go that way?

thanks for the information
and I think the electricity or the light of power is the same :thinking::thinking:

this is my animation water in if you like it and tell me your opinianUploading: 0001-0116.avi…

and if you want to see more you this my channel in youtube ‘‘ani dé’’ :smile::smile::smile:
if you like it chare it

I think mod should move Abdeljalil_Otman to Test or vip forum section. This thread is not for asking for feedback.


Is this course also for 2.8? and do you have an ETA on the advanced course? As a student i kindly ask when the next sale will be?

@schamph The course covers both 2.79 and 2.80. The majority of the lessons apply to Blender in general and aren’t version specific (setting up a development environment, using version control, obtaining the code and libraries, etc.) Where there are differences, both versions are covered. Hope that helps :slight_smile:



As @CGMoth said, both version are covered.
The advanced version is already there and includes all the patches for E-Cycles up to the march version (the CUDA speedup, Intel denoiser node, etc.) on top.

For the next sale, I don’t know yet for sure, I only followed platforms sales until now. I’ll take a break during the summer. To compensate for the delayed support, I could offer 25% off then. I’ll announce it when I know more.

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To answer several question I had, yes the course is updated regularly and works on official 2.80 release. I updated a patch to resolve some new speed bottlenecks that were added in Blender 2.80 some weeks ago. So I recommend everybody to have a look to the new version.


This is an update on the E-Cycles course I applied only the patches related to performance to the latest Blender source for both Cycles Cuda and Optix. Below is the test comparing this course build with E-Cycles Cuda/Optix and the daily build Optix.

The test where done with a 2x 2070 RTX with the latest E-Cycles/RTX 2.81 with Cuda boost enable and Blender daily build.

The BWM scene modified by increasing the output from 50% to 100%, since the render time was to fast at 50%.

BMW scene - output size 100%:

E-Cycle Course Build - 32x32: 1:10.01.
E-Cycle - 32x32: 1:09.50. (Use 32x32 tiles because auto tiles at 16x16 was a little slower.)

Blender Daily Build Optix - 256x256: 58:25.
E-Cycle Course Build Optix - 256x256: 51:22.
E-Cycle Optix - auto tile: 45.55.

Classroom scene:

E-Cycle Course Build - 32x32: 1:41.18.
E-Cycle - auto tile: 1:40.48.

Blender Daily Build Optix - 256x256: 1:17:11.
E-Cycle Course Build Optix - 256x256: 1:12.50.
E-Cycle Optix - auto tile: 1:05.13.

Chocofur archviz course scene:

E-Cycle Course Build - 32x32: 4:10.27.
E-Cycle - 32x32: 5:00.72 (Use 32x32 tiles because auto tiles at 16x16 was a little slower.)

Blender Daily Build Optix - 256x256: 4:39.48.
E-Cycle Course Build Optix - 256x256: 3:53:97.
E-Cycle Optix - auto tile: 3:41.65.


In E-Cycles their is a need for two separate builds for best performance one Cuda and one for Optix. The E-Cycles course build only one build is needed for good performance in both Cuda and Optix. The course patches never expired so no problem to keep using it to build with the latest Blender and adding your own customization if desired.

Comparing the E-Cycles course build with E-Cycles it performance just as fast in the light scenes and it is faster in heavy scenes like the Chocufur archviz (I double check this results).

Comparing the E-Cycles course build Optix with E-Cycles Optix it is little slower in light scenes and in heavy scenes it is quiet close.

Hopefully bliblubli will update this course for 2020. Once learning process of building your on Blender is done it will give the most flexibility.

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The course patches were all updated for 2.81. You now have the choice between the 2.80 and 2.81 version.


Thanks Mathieu for updating the patches. I would be interested in a new course covering your new optimization including Optix.

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Wooooo i also got a Pro DUO and various Titan X … wooo nice idea. You still use it? it works?

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Yes I still have my Pro Duo running only the Display and am rendering on 2 x 4gig gtx 970s… for now. :slight_smile:

After coding my own build of Blender from the Course, my two little gtx 970s are more than twice as fast as my 32gig Pro duo which is why I only use it to run my display monitor.

I’ve just ordered a new machine with 32 cores and a 24gig titan so I’m looking forward to that.



The course is on sale for a limited time. Enter the coupon code easter today on the Blender Market and get 50% off the edition of your choice!

  • learn to make Blender fully non-destructive by adding new modifers.
  • learn to mix branches and patches available on the tracker and git to make a version which perfectly fits your needs.
  • learn to change the UI to fit your workflow and speed-up your creation process.
  • learn how to make Cycles faster (Standard + Cycles edition only).

It’s made for beginners too. Some students like Johannes made some new particles systems:

Some of the students even have their code already commited in official Blender and where featured on Blender Today! :

Happy learning!

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Hi Mathieu, could you by any chance have a different coupon code for this course for blender market? I’m trying to buy it there but the coupon code easter comes up as being invalid.

Mathieu, Just heard back from blender market support. That coupon has expired. Kindly help me out with the correct coupon code. Cheers.

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