Created arches with knife project - need advice about what to do next


I’ve been working on cutting out arch shapes using a curve and knife-project: after advice here surggested this might be the best way to go. I’m pleased with the result but have a couple of questions about where to go next. I’ve attached the blend file.

  1. I’ve filled in the sides of the arches by joining the edges with the F command - what is the best way to fill in the points where there aren’t nice clear edges to join?

  2. What’s the best way to tidy up the ngons on the front and back faces left from cutting out the shapes?

As this is a learning process for me, I need somebody to point me at the right tools/processes to use for this, rather than necessarily talk me through it step by step.


archCuttoutTest.blend (488 KB)

quick little step by step blockout:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

JA12 - have you thought of putting those on Youtube? They’d have been just what I needed when I started…

I always find with Blender it’s not solving the issue a lot of the time, it’s finding the route into solving the issue.

With that video, about 45seconds in when you extrude upwards from the curve of the arch, but end up with the tops of the extrusions in a straight line…how are you doing that please?


Scaling to 0 along an axis. S, Z, 0, enter for example.

With default median pivot point (ctrl+comma) it would average them between the vertices but I’m using active element pivot (alt+period) to line them with the last selected vertex (active one).