CreateDynamics and Blender

I’m trying to export a .dae file from CreateDynamics and then open it in Blender, but all I get is an empty scene.
I was looking for a software to perform convex decomposition (to use generic objects in collision detection in Blender), and the only thing I found was CreateDynamics

It performs well in built-in viewer, with lots of tuning options, but Blender fails to open .dae files Studio produces.

At any rate, do you have a way of using nonconvex models in dynamic collision detection?

At the moment, convex is as good as it gets in Blender. (sigh… I wish I could use concave bounds… as well as ragdoll armatures, and having ogre as a graphics engine, and getting rid of all the bugs, and…)

I suppose if you were really desperate you could break the object into a bunch of convex objects parented together, such as making all the sides of a box separately. Not too efficient though…

Well yes, folks from the Bullet team recommend to use compound convex objects, but it is tiresome to create them manually. I thought there might be some program to automate the process, and looks like CreateDynamics can do this. I wasn’t, however, able to import its .dae files in Blender, for unknown reason.

Ah, I misunderstood you. Of course, now that I look back at your post I see

my only excuse is that I was tired, and wasn’t thinking about what that meant.

Concave objects needs to be approximated by using compounds of convexes. Those concave compounds of convexes are supported in Blender 2.43 and onwards. So indeed, convex decomposition is the way to go, either manually or automatic.

COLLADA compatibility is an issue that everyone needs to work on.

Two solutions: