Creatinf own Repository

How do I create my own repository for blender. I use GIT and I saw several Git repos for blender. the reason I’m creating my own repo is.

1.I have installed blender in my ubuntu 12.04 desktop
2.When I download builds from graphicall, they require shared libraries like libtiff, libopenjpeg3, libpng etc.

but the blender I have installed from the launchpad repo run properly without those. What are the differences? why graphicall build fail to launch. I think the better solution is to build blender on my system. Please guide me thro this. Hello blenderheads, do not diss me please.

you can choose to make these libraries included in the binary when linking, or not.

Static link == included in the executable.
Dynamic link == reference an external file…
eg -

Whoever is building can set up ether of these on a per library basis.

For releases we static link many libs to avoid compatibility issues.

How to include the libraries statically??