Creating 2D Isometric Game Assets with Blender

I created a short tutorial using a technique I’ve done a couple times now to create isometric game assets using Blender.

In short, I just animate the camera around my target asset so I get a very repeatable and precise angle for anything I need. Really beats trying to rotate your objects or to ove the camera manually.

See the full post here along with a working blend file…

I hope someone can find this useful,

I did something similar to this with very pleasing results,
first I made the basic scene, character posed, and with all animations and effects or whatever, then delete the main camera, make a series of linked copies of the scene, and add new cameras at the required location for each scene, (you could attach the camera to a circular path placed above the character, and give it a track to constraint with an empty at 0,0,0 which would make positioning it much easier)

now use a simple node setup to render each the different scenes frame by frame, naming each output properly, into a resource folder.

Although this might seem like a slow way to go about this task even making 8 directions may take a while, however because you can reuse the blender file for all of the assets you want to make isometric it effectively automates the process of making sprites
I once did this for a gamemaker game, giving all 16 different animations 64 different directions…
it basically made sprite production MUCH faster than rerendering and replacing cameras or rotating objects, and because you’re moving the camera and not the object, you keep any directional lighting you may have added.

Thank you for sharing the source on how to create an assets. But i rather choose bought an asset than to create. I bought some very nice assets from them. Which is they have also some freebies.