Creating 3D Environments - Old Masters Unveiled-

Hey all,

In the past six months I worked on a project called ‘Old Masters Unveiled’ Creating 3D Environments.
I used old painting techniques from the Dutch masters like Vermeer and van der Heyden to combine this with 3D Environment modeling. This all was so interesting that I wrote an E-book about it.

Down here some samples:

Creating 3D environments -Old Masters Unveiled- Is now available on Blenderpedia.

For people who are interested in the E-book check this page

wow congratulations, your work inspires me a lot

This is the kind of work which inspires me!

Wow, this is amazing! I would love to see more of the comparisons with the original paintings though.

This is absolutely amazing :slight_smile:

Which render engine did you do this with?

Amazing thread!
A front row stuff IMO.
I deeply understand how you approached this subject.

A beautiful video presentation too.
But, I don’t like the music so much.
Had to find something to say… LOL

This is beautiful. Congratulations!

Amazing work, i mean I am stunned.

Stunning work, you really brought those scenes to life. Great job all the way from composition to modelling, texturing and rendering

Is everything in the video done in 3D or do you have backgrounds or textures that actually are painted with tried and true techniques from the past?

This is astonishing work, I love the intense attention to detail and how the painted look seems to blend seamlessly into the photorealism of 3D, I’m sure your Ebook will sell quite a lot of copies once people get a hold of just the type of quality they’ll be learning.

Awesome work!!! Impressive!

Good question, i used a HDR map for the background, but most of the HDR is just a blue color for reflection colors. What you see is what cyles created, almost no compositing, this is because the techniques from the masters are so powerfull.

I am using the light to create depth in the scene.
The masters used incredible details in textures, so thats another technique i used.

Beautiful work. I watched it twice. Now I am going to watch it again.

Edit: A small suggestion: Do not italicize the quotations. The quotation marks are enough. Italics are used for emphasis. Italicizing everything is not proper. The painters names can be italicized if you wish. Old Masters Unveiled is your title, and your titles are absolutely never italicized by you. Others writing about your title may italicize it, but you do not.

@ pcolapat - I have to work on my video-edit skills :D, thanx for the critics

absolutely fantastic! this should get featured…

Excellent work , nice style

Great work, really enjoyed it.

Hey, great work dude!!! BTW its a E book right, y don’t u put it in an video format?

Very inspiring!

That’s right, but there are a some video tutorials on my youtube channel if you like it :slight_smile: