Creating 3D environments

Hi all!,

I just completed a new project and like to share this on Blenderartists. Five months ago i started working on a new set of environments to update my Environment course. I started from scratch and used Blender 2.81 to design all the scenes.

I had some limitations in size because i didn’t want to make to complex scenes. It turns out that the final content was more user friendly than the previous course, simply because i simplified a lot of things.

If you are interested in making 3D environments, you can take a look on the Blendermarket.



Hi, Rob.

I am an already customer of your 2.7x version of your previous course. I am watching those new renders and I appreciate a lot of noise. It is a bit weird. Is it purposely?

On BlenderMarket there are two downloads labelled Are these duplicates or has one been mislabelled?

It took some time to make these 4k high sample renders. I used some stills from the trailer, but now replaced these renders with the new ones. If you joined the 2.7x version, the 2.81 is a free upgrade!

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Aha, now it is much better.

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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hii rob, is your course also good for blender 2.8 or i need to use blender 2.81 for it?

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I love this new version of the course! I purchased it when it was 2.79 and can’t wait to do it at 2.81! Thanks so much for all the hard work you put in, it’s stunning and a terrific help to those of us learning.

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2.8 will work great, just don’t use 2.79.
2.81 has some small interface changes, but nothing shocking

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This course is excellent! Thanks so much much for making and remaking such a high quality resource! I’ve tried quite a few course and I’m aspiring to create one as well so this excellent inspiration! Thanks again.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Wow, cool scene, what do you think about mine?

Amazing work!

I especially love the featured image (the Scene_5_b one) with the old house. I really appreciate all the variety in the ground cover, the various grasses and scattered leaves. The level of detail here is really cool.

Is it geomtery nodes? Very well done.

Do you base these off reference photos of real places or just completely invent whole new places?

The amount of “natural” variety is convincingly natural!
I’ll be picky with a couple of details, because it’s a course and a prof knows how to improve realism in video:

  • When branches shake in the wind during the fall, with brown-yellow leaves, leaves fall off
  • When the wind shakes the leaves all around, the leaves of the vines on the building should also move (castle scene)
  • Water also ripples with the wind directly on the surface and around the moving reeds indirectly
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