Creating 3D Textured Text Titles (like Transformers, Sherlock Holmes, Terminator, etc

I’m trying to figure out how to make…

Shiny metallic looking 3D letters such as in the examples below…

and 3D rough/textured titles such as these other examples.

When I tried to make the shiny metallic text I basically made the text glossy and reflective, and used a probe that resembled what the inside of a white box looks like, but the render times were massive, and I didn’t get the right results.

When I tried the 3D textured/metal text it just looked awful. Any help will greatly be appreciated.

Add text, convert text to mesh, set to smooth, separate letters (press P in edit mode), use materials from the car material library or blender material repository.

Do some lighting tutorials or learn how to set up and tweak your materials (don’t forget ambiant occlusion and OSA)

If all this confuses you, you’ll need to follow a few tutorials :wink:

Haha, I’ve used Blender for a number of years, so that didn’t confuse me. I guess a more specific question would be if y’all had seen anything similar to the examples I gave, but done in Blender, or if someone has done a tutorial for that kind of look.

Hi All,

Sorry to bump this old thread, but if anyone is still interested in this subject, Andrew Price of BlenderGuru is running some tutorials this month on creating 3D text. Not sure if he will cover the metallic look etc. but may still be worth checking out.

Have Fun!


Thanks for the mention inatrice!

I’ll indeed be doing a tutorial on texturing text :slight_smile: