Creating 3D Tree

How do I remover that shiny part. BTW! what other ways can I create a tree like the ones on ‘Grand Theft Auto San Andreas’ Is there any tutorial? PLease Help! How can I improve it?


there should be a way to make it shadeless…check the uv settings i guess. i know there is a button for uv textures so that it doesn’t respond to shadow input and also a button so that it doesn’t respond to lights/lamps.

is this tree for a game? well anyways i’d work on giving it more volume; right now it looks flat.

u might know about these already but there are tree generator scripts. search “gen3” (actually that’s already included in blender under scripts) or “lsystem”. although they won’t look like the ones in gta. most likely; i haven’t played that exact game before.

I wish to do the tree with out any other software. my problewm now is how should I prepare the texture of the leaves and how can I place it in a way to make the tree.

well im not the best person to ask about this but what if u made a simple icosphere (1 subdivision) and uv-mapped the leaf texture to that? then just put the sphere around the branches and u’ve got a simple tree. or did u want something more complex?

or is ur question about how to uv-map the texture?

To remove the shiny parts on the transparent areas, switch to the shading panels (F5), go to the Mirror Transp tab (the one with the RayMirror and RayTransp sliders) and at the bottom, there is a SpecTra slider. Slide the value all the way to zero. You do have the Ztransp button turned on and alpha slider all the way to zero, don’t you?