creating a 3D viewport similar to that of blender 3D view in blender game engine

I am newbie to blender/game engine. I am trying to create a viewport with the game engine exactly like the 3D viewport in blender. I want the objects to be grabbed and rotated with MMB and moved just like how it is done in the normal 3D viewport of blender. I dont want to follow any object/character as I am trying to create an interactive viz. tool with the game engine. I tried the following with the logic bricks with just a few objects to get it right but unable to do so. Any ideas would be appreciated.


viewportTest.blend (521 KB)

That can be easily set up with python. You may actually have some success doing it with logic bricks. You’ll just need to have some good logic.

Thanks Nicholas_A! Great to know that it is really easy - could you please elaborate a bit more so that I can try?

maybe not exactly what your looking for, but its a good start.


mouse tracker.blend (470 KB)