creating a cage, and explode baking in blender

hello everyone, iv been doing retopology on models and want to figure out how i can bake the hidden mesh behind some objects

like this:

thanks in advance!

If you want to do the same as in the video then just do what the video shows you to do, move the mesh pieces so you don’t have part of the mesh hidden by another when baking.

If the model is different to the one in the video then you need to give some actual useful info before anyone can give you any additional advice.

is there happen to be a blender vid to see how its done?

for baking normals and AO:
I think it would be great if there was an Addon for instance for “extracting” a low poly (with a fairly decent topology) from a high and at the same time creates it´s own cage and explode the three meshes (high, low and cage) into something like Xnormal or maybe just bake the stuff in Blender.
I´m thinking about it for some organic shapes or to use along with hardOps for hardsurfaces. I´ve done some scriping but I´m far from the result I want to achieve. But it would increase drastically the speed for that workflow