Creating a character for a character project

I have plans to work on a project that involves a character I created named Geffrey MacAustin. He is a winged canine called a Drogon and he has birdlike wings, a light green mane and tail tuft, a turquoise coat, turquoise wings tipped with red-orange, a white underside, light green eyes, a large snout, long legs, and light green eyebrows. I am planning to do a project involving him as a test, and I am looking for those who could volunteer to help me.
This is what he looks like below…

I want to do this so I can further explore computer-related topics, and I am planning to create a little short. I don’t have money, but I want to get back into Blender.

Where should I start?

What do I do about storyboarding and writing the script? I am looking for help.

I would appreciate it if a few users could help me with this. I can’t do it all by myself, but I think I can write the story and the storyboards. Any advice?

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Hi, start here:

I already wrote the screenplay for my short…

I wrote it, but I can’t share it on the forum because I’m a new user. Would emailing be fine?

Sorry, i didnt make it clear. this link was for you to learn storyboarding.

Get storyborder it’s a free program for creating storyboards, power point can work if you are familiar with it

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I don’t have a digital art tablet and stylus.

Use the tools you have, a storyboard isn’t production quality work, it’s a rough draft that plans out the shot sequences, pics like the one above will work for communicating character placements and movements.

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Is there a way I can draw pictures with physical pencils and try to put them on a computer? Are there also templates I can look up and print out?

Most libraries have free to use scanners, I guess you could go to a staples or Kinko’s, if they’re open in your region

Would this template work?,2

Yes, I think that would work.

A thing to know is that my character (Geffrey) is partly inspired by Justin Long (particularly his voice as the wolf Humphrey from Alpha and Omega) and Bill Hader (particularly the character he voiced from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Flint Lockwood). Geffrey will have a boyish, deep but light voice and friendly personality like Humphrey, and the clever, intelligent personality qualities of Flint. Geffrey will also have a leaner face and unlike both Humphrey and Flint, he has light green or yellow green eyes.