Creating a cloudy haze


I would like to replicate the blue cloudy haze featured in the two videos posted here:
I am interested in the way the character casts a shadow in front of him.

I am a blender newbie but a rough guideline should be enough: I’ll try to figure out the rest by reading the documentation wiki.



I found the answer to many of my own questions in the documentation:
I am having difficulties to replicate the volumetric shadows, but I am still testing…

On the other hand, I’d still appreciate pointers on how to replicate the shifty cloudy thing visible in the second video featured above.


My post above had been stuck in the moderation queue for 2 weeks. Since then, I have been able to reproduce a short test with volumetric shadows.

The second part of my request still stands: I’d appreciate pointers on how to replicate the shifty cloudy thing visible in the second video featured above.

My general goal is to create both inspiring videos and activists videos using Blender. I’ll do as much as I can on my own even though I am still very much a beginner.



P.S. Thanks Goofster for your help with the moderation. :slight_smile:

One solution would be to add a plane in front of the camera and apply a cloud texture to this plane.
Then, animate this texture by key framing the offset, or with an Empty (Map Input: Object>Empty).

Bonjour Mathieu et Clémentine,

Merci pour le conseil.

I have never done this, but it sounds interesting. I’ll check the documentation and do some tests the way you suggest. Thanks again.


It all depends if you need the cloudy air to be twirling when some objects goes through or if you just need a general ambiance…
In the second case, is clearly a job for post production.

It’s only for general ambiance.
How would you achieve this in post production?
When people say that some animation video has been post-processed in the GIMP, does this really mean they re-touched each individual frame in the GIMP?

The way I see it, the haze is not fixed but moving in a random fashion, in the background of the main object.

GIMP and all Photoshop style softwares can be used to do some post production on one image. For videos, one use compositing softwares like after effects, flame, motion, etc.
In the videos you linked, the camera doesn’t move, the haze is just a procedural effect. That’s why the animated procedural texture on a plane facing the camera is an easy way to achieve this effect.
If the camera moves in this haze, like a camera following a plane in clouds, you need to make this haze volumetric, to show some density. There is an experimental branch of Blender for that, but it’s still in progress.

Thanks. I’ll make some tests and see what works for my purposes. And I’ll learn plenty new stuff in the process :slight_smile: