Creating a collaborative Previz Assets Pack?

After doing a Previz Camera Tools add-on, which let you block out a scene in 3d view in combination with the sequencer, I was surprised to see that there is no assets pack for previz in Blender(I know about BlenderSwap - but it’s all kinds of style and polycounts).

I mean a pack with low poly generic models of ex. man, woman, boy, girl - all in a few poses like run, stand, sit, lay down. And objects like car, bike, truck, bus, glasses, hats, bed, table, chair, sofa, lamp, candle, cup, glass, tv-set, smartphone, gun, knife, rifle, ball, tree, bush, light post, suitcase, computer, tablet, dog, cat, money bills, credit card.

And maybe set everything up with an easy to install add-on like:

That will be a lot of work for anyone to do that, so how to get you, people, to help out with creating the assets? Are there any good collaboration online tools for uploading and reviewing each other’s models?

In order the get the elements in the same (low poly)style, there must be strict design guidelines. What should they be? What is feasible? Should characters be rigged, textured and objects parametric?

Personally, I think the models must be as generic and simple as possible - meaning ex. a car should be a generic car of no specific brand - man and woman should not resemble any living actors - so it should look something identifiable as a man but not a specific man - so if you have more male characters in a scene they would get different colors. So realistic proportions(not cartoonish) untextured, maybe something like this, but with visible eyes for close-ups:

I’ve used something as simple as this for communicating a setup to the crew for a live-action feature film. This tool is mainly for illustration and planning, but it doesn’t allow you to test angels, light concepts etc.:

The main questions remain: Is it a good idea, are you willing to help out - and if so, how do we do it?

I am looking form my own narrow perspective here which is interior visualization. I am sometimes asked to model some simple shapes of furniture just to be able to check the sizes, if particular arrangements work and things like that. At the moment it seems to me like it would not pay off to spend time creating low poly assets for this kind of jobs. The simple models still need to resemble real furniture models in my case, like for example if a sofa has armrests, they should be there, if it has legs as opposed to solid base, it should have legs, and so on with all basic elements and of course the dimensions are always different. Even though the shapes in previz stage are very basic there tends to be quite a lot of variations possible so it wouldn’t be practical to have presets for that as it is questionable if it would be faster to search for the right premade model(and even if it’s possible to have enough of them to find one every time) or just to model a new one. I am just thinking - isn’t this pretty much allways the case? I think in CG jobs usually have a really wide range of possible desired results. I find it hard to believe it’s possible to achieve what you are after. I mean I don’t know - maybe there are other contexts I am not aware of, that’s just my perspective.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. With the new Workspace functionality, I guess Blender can be started in different “modes” like architecture visualization mode, movie-previz mode, lego cinematic mode etc. running addons and assets relevant for that mode. With a simple ui setup, I guess even kids could start making lego-movies with Blender, but not without some kind of assets pack.

The reason for the generic look when it comes to live-action films, is that anyone wants to cut corners including prop managers, so instead of figuring out what car would fit the character and the story, you’ll just get the one which resembles your previz if it is a specific car. You know, you’ll end up in a situation with a model in shorts in the previz, because that’s the one you can find, and then when you are about to shoot the scene the actor shows up in shorts, even though it’s a winter scene taking place in Iceland. So in other words you would want to show and work with the blocking of the scene, but not tell people how everything is supposed to look. Architectural visualization is a different situation, where you would want to use specific elements to evoke recognition and a feeling of class by using expensive furniture.

Anyone else have an opinion about the questions written above?

I like your idea for collaboration online tools. I think it could be more useful than the specific Previz Assets Pack itself.

The simple solution to this is to upload previz assets to Blenderswap and tag all previz assets with a tag like ex.: “previz pack”.