Creating A Consumer Package (Box) and Adding Faces

I am a graphic designer who is looking to learn Blender. I do a lot of package design, which requires modeling of product which have yet to be made. Up until now, I used 3DS Max, but I would like to switch to Blender (which I have on my Mac).

I know general information about Materials and Texture, I’ve been doing lots of tutorials, and used this site to get tons of information. But I need help on creating a package. Here is the question.

I want to create a box (example 1.875" w 1.875" d X 7.25" h) and then map each face of that box with a different image. One side will be the package face, one will be the left,… etc. Plus the lid of the package. Is this possible?

Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance,

Hi and welcome to Blender and Elysiun!

A lot of information you need will be found in various tutorials, including the online documentation. But here is a little overview of what you need to do.

Add a cube and, in Object Mode, hit the N-key to enter number values for the size fields. That will create your box, or whatever.

Then split, or change, your window and make one the UV Image Editor window. If you bring your cube into UV Face Select mode, via where you change to Edit Mode and Object Mode, select all the faces.

In the UV Image Editor window, you will see the UV layout. You will have to play with the UV calculations, but in this case setting it to cube will probably work.

Load your image map into the editor and move the verticies around until it is mapped correctly and voila!

Anything that is unclear, either use the docs or just ask!

Happy Blending! :smiley:


I was following you up until:

Load your image map into the editor and move the verticies around until it is mapped correctly and voila!

I have the UV Layout, but I don’t know what the image map is or how to move the verticies. I’m mildly retarded. :smiley:

I have five separate images (front, left, right, back and top) I’d like to place the front image on one panel of the box, the left on the another panel of the box… etc. Is that possible? I know in 3DS I can do it with material IDs, but don’t know if Blender has the same function.

Or do I have to put all five sides in one image ad “wrap” it around the cube?

Thanks in advance for the help.

similar to max’s id’s blender has material indices. assinging multiple materials:

another method is to use one material and UV-mapping. the procedure:

1 - the image:

create in photoshop an image containing all sides of your package (side by side, or like an unfolded cube… no matter how)

2 - assigning UV’s

uh, this has been told thousands of times… please search the forums for good tutorials. just one hint:

assigning an image to faces makes it visible in the veiwport. to make it render as a material, too, assign the same image that you used for UV texturing to one of the 8 texture channels of the object’s material, and in the “Map input” tab press “UV”. hope this will make sense after you learned UV mapping :slight_smile: