Creating a custom Metarig (and adding it to the Add Armature Menu)

Hi All,

As per title. I have my custom armature that will work for for me, I would like to be able to open a new blender file, click Add > Armature > Customone and have it load up.

Any ideas on how to do this?

As alternatives - does anyone know how to access the Copy/Paste buffer?
The theory there is that if I take the values of a Copy, I can then use Python to Paste the rig into place.

It is possible as of lately. Thanks to Alexander Gavrilov and Ican Capiello.

You know, while that will be really good for personal use I’m going to have to just generate the rig via script for my next magic hat trick.

It’s not that hard considering head tail roll and a few other (parent) settings.

The idea is to merge a possibly new or updated metarig to whatver the second rig is, so that if either one ever gets updated it’s not impossible to make a few tweaks and get an updated rig working again in the click of a run script…

Thanks for the share though.