Creating a cylindrical spiral text object

Hi, I am new to Blender. I would want to make something like this .

I am trying with text on curve, and then using the screw modifier, but it takes the whole text and screws it up. How do I achieve something like this? It could be viewed at thingiverse dot com /thing:271769

i would think the best way to achieve that would be to use the curve > spirals addon and then use the text on curve technique you were using. good luck!

ok tried it out. spirals addon is the way to go, but don’t use the text on curve function on the curve panel, instead, use the curve modifier. You’ll have to change the twist setting of the spiral to be z-up and rotate the text so it’s standing up.

I was able to create a test pretty quickly with that technique:

Are you talking about the “Add Curve: Extra Objects” addon? I created a spiral of type ‘archemedian’ and obtained the desired height by changing the “turns” parameter. After adding the curve modifier to the text, I got something like this

any updates? Bumping this thread up.

Make the object flat and then bend it into a circle either with the simple deform modifier set to Bend (360 degrees) or add a curve circle and use a Curve modifier to make the text follow the circle

i tried it and i am unable to create a base for the text. I tried a bunch of things including :

  • converting the spiral to mesh, extruding it. But this creates a hollow hexagon shape of the spiral. I want a flat spiral
  • using screw modifier with a cube to obtain the flattened spiral mesh. but this does not align properly with the spiral used to modify the text
  • creating a spiral out of underscores. The underscores when extruded along X axis do not have a uniform dimension

Any help here is highly appreciated