Creating a export script

in this coming year, one of my new year resolutions, is to get very familiar with TGE (Torque Game Engine), Python, and Blender.

Although ive been using blender for almost 2yrs now if not more, the new 2.4version is very different than 2.3x version.

Well here is my needs i guess. First in the TGE, it uses DTS shape files. Of course blender uses .blend files. There is a current exporter for 2.3x but it doesnt work in 2.4 very well. and in reality im going the long way and re-inventing the wheel on this project, just so i can get my coding skills up and to get down and dirty in the coding.

But what i need is a roadmap on how to achieve my goal. Googling, comes up with thousands of pages that i really dont want to go threw to find documention on how Python works in 2.4x. I found a site that shows python and blender 2.3x, but its very very basic, and most of the commands wont work in 2.4x.

also if anyone has info on the .dts file structure or tutorials on creating File conversion stuff, like exporters, your help will be greatly appreciated.

i will continue googling, but any pushing help, will be greatly appreciated, and of course put in the credits if i ever end up creating the full exporter, or just patching the current one (its gpl, so i can do whatever i want kinda of thing)

thanks for you time

Try start here

thanks much, just what i was looking for to get started