Creating A Football Helmet

I’m new to 3D modeling on Blender and want to make a football helmet like the one below. I was looking for youtube videos that could help me out and haven’t found one that will help me out. Does anyone know anywhere where I can learn how to make this?

There’s not really just one answer to your question. You could sculpt it and retopo it. You could model it using quads and a shrinkwrap modifer. You could model it low poly and then use subdivision to make it smooth. I would recommend learning to model generally before approaching something specific. Follow the donut tutorials (look up Blenderguru) on YouTube, and start there.

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There a quite a lot tutorials for helmets. But this is a difficult modell for a beginner. As @j_claytonhansen mentioned you have to start with the basics first.

I guess this come nearest to your helm:

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