Creating a Free Introduction to Animation Course - Looking for Input from other teachers


I am a former public school teacher that taught art and animation for many years. In my classroom we used Adobe and Autodesk products. I’d like to create an introduction to animation course using Blender so that it can be more accessible to students around the world. I’d be curious to hear from other teachers, what are some of the most important elements to include? Where do students get stuck when they first start out in Blender?**

When I taught animation in a classroom, I started with 2D animation and eventually moved to 3D to give students a gentle learning curve. My course had lots of short exercises with bouncing balls and pendulums so that students could learn the fundamentals. My tutorials were always step-by-step and after a series of exercises students would complete a small project to synthesize what they had learned.

Any suggestions from other teachers out there? What is often missing from the educational content that is available? I want to make this series as useful as possible for students and teachers. The final product will be posted on Youtube and made available on my website for free.


Hello teacher, I am a beginner of blender. It may be different if I stand from the teacher’s point of view, but I can say some of the problems I have encountered. The model’s understanding of material rendering in the model and animation range Very superficial, I can’t fully understand the use, and I can’t use the speed controller well in the animation, as well as some ideas and ideas of the lens. I hope this will be helpful to your course. Of course, I’d like to watch your tutorial. thank you - john

Thanks so much for your feedback John, I really appreciate it!

You are welcome, I just hope you can do better!