Creating a gift box in blender?

hello everyone.
christmas is coming along pretty fast(cant wait!).I am planning to do a scene with presents in it.One problem,i cant model a gift box.Can anyone please give me some help?or a mini tutorial:p .

They’re cubes, trak, with a couple of loop cuts for the ribbon.
The bow is a loop of ribbon (a bezier curve, converted to mesh and extruded)
spin dup’d a few times around 360 degrees. (move the cursor to the end of the
ribbon, select the ribbon, change the pivot point to 3D cursor, spin dup.)
The fancy wrapping paper is a voroni texture, one of them is set to col2, the other
has a grey and white colorband. Colorband on a cloud or stucci texture would
work too. Adjust the Map Input x,y,z size. Turn off one of the Map Input channels
to make it streaky.

The big box holds Spiderman pajamas, and the long box has 4 pairs of socks.
Merry Xmas.

Thanks Man!

i just made this up as i went but i’v made a tapered cube that i’v subdivided to get faces that i extruded out a little then added a material for ribbon then i added a whole bunch of tubes on top for the knot. you can get the curls if you scale 3/4 of the tube then resize it so it looks flatter or whatever. don’t forget to smooth it all out to get that rounded edge.
if you like i can post the blend file as well, mind you i was trying different things so the faces are all screwed up.


Modeling a gift. Gift modeling tutorial done with Hexagon but easily doable in Blender.

thanks guyz…

Thought I’d give it a quick go - complete with dodgy lighting setup :wink:

Bevelled cube, loopcut the ribbons - extruded ribbons to different levels.
Bezier curve converted to mesh, extruded and spun for top ribbon

Pretty naff lol!


great work mayn!