Creating a giftbox from "cards"

Hi folks, I have to create a (still image) gift box that looks like it’s made of tiled “cards”. I also need to create (I suppose) a rigged bow material that I can shape as need into a “knotted” bow. The overall design concept is bounced from an idea sparked by this iPod ad:

Fortunately I don’t have to animate this! :eek: Unfortunately I haven’t worked with blender in a long while and I’m really rusty, so I’m at a loss as to how to go about this. :frowning: I’d like for it to look as realistic as possible, although it’s not a mandate. If anyone can suggest some good tutorials to review on modeling, rigging and lighting, I’d really appreciate it.

I’d like to ad a bit of “dimension” to each tile, more like to subtle warps you’d see when dealing a deck of playing cards, so each tile is a bit curved and tilted relative to the others, with some slight uneven spacing between them. Playing cards is more like the “look” I’d like to have. I have to map different product images to each “card”

Overall I don’t think this is overly complicated, except for possibly the bow. I figured once I get one “side” together, I can group it and copy it and remap the images and build the other sides.

Hopefully I can get a decent proof of concept on this before my boss snubs it for some other idea, I’d like get blender involved in my imaging production pipeline where I work (a small ad agency).

Thanks for any help with this.

Sounds like you have the right idea on the card aspect of the project.

For the bow, I’m thinking this would be a good opportunity to test the Array modifier. I messed with it a little, and it gives very nice results (although tieing a knot would probably still be a challenge).

Use a plane for the base mesh, and with an empty use Object Offset to extend & twist the ‘ribbon’ into a bow. With Merge set and a SubSurf modifier, you get a nice strip . . . but be aware that extreme move/rotate/scale operations will cause a seperation of the array objects.

A few quick pieces of ribbon:

Wow, that’s looking pretty decent! Thanks for the tip! I gotta hunt down some tutorials and get up to speed on this stuff, as I haven’t touch blender in a long time. Never enough time in a day.:rolleyes:

I’m trying to convince my bosses to let me spend more time with blender and pawn some of my work on other people.:wink: That would be so grand if I can pull that off, getting paid to f#@k with blender all day!

Anyway, I’m gonna see if I can start putting something together. If anyone knows of some good tuts that would benefit this project, pass 'em along. Thanks again.