Creating a glitching model effect...!

Hey folks. Wasn’t sure if this was animation or modelling, but as I’m looking to use geonodes with this, I’m going to guess modelling.
Can anybody point me to a tutorial or give me advice for creating this effect with nodes? Basically looking for verts to detach and move at random, creating the effect where a model collapses into a polygon mash…!
Much appreciated!

Good luck!

Fantastic, @zeroskilz , that’s got me on the road! I’m having a little trouble with the results, as it always seems to crush the polygons towards a central point. I’m going to do some experimentation with the settings… but feel free to hint at what I’ve got wrong with this! =D

EDIT: Ah, a key issue was that I hadn’t applied scale (everybody groans)… but I’m still only getting the verts expanding to a maximum distance from the origin. Will keep experimenting…

Try playing with different modes on the Mix node… e.g. Try “Add” - see what happens.

OH man, that’s very good. =D Some real crazy shapes with some of those modes, thank you very much. I didn’t even think to change how it was mixing the values, which seems bloody obvious now. I don’t suppose you know if it’s possible to save the Geonodes output to a shapekey, as one can with other modifiers?

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