creating a glow, light streak ribbon thingy ... ??

Hey guys,

How does one go about creating a glow, light streak ribbon thingy … ?? im sure that made no sense :slight_smile: … in other 3d programs you could for example create a ribbon and animate a gradient effect across the material maybe …

Any ideas?


Add Curve. In Edit Curve, extrude .3. Position object in front of camera.
In Shading Material, Add New. Click ZTransp. In Shaders panel, Set Spec to 0.
In Shading Material Texture panel, Add New.
In Shading Material Map To panel, click Alpha, and set mix mode to Multiply
In Shading Texture buttons, add new Blend Texture.
Press F12 and enjoy.

Yes, but how would you then animate the blend? :slight_smile:


i dont think you want to animate the blend, you want to animate the ribbon moving.

But, to answer your question, you add an empty and animate it. Then, in the MapInput panel, you click Object and enter the name of the empty in the Ob: field.

You can also animate the start and end of a tapered extrusion.