Creating a greek column!

Good Morning…
How are you? i hope everything is very fine…
well… some time ago, i was looking for radiosity examples, and i saw a very nice example with 2 greek-style columns and some other thing…
i really need to get this file, but i can’t remember where i got it before! :expressionless:
if you know, where i can find it, could you please help me? :Z
or anyway i really need to know how to create those beautiful greek-style columns! could you please help me? (how to create them? or where to find examples?)
thank you very much in advance!

Here is some information about Greek columns:

The fluted shaft could be made by creating a cross section and extruding it. The Doric capital is just a circle extruded and scaled a few times. The Ionic capital could be done by making the “scroll” profile and then extruding it to get the opposite side. The Corinthian Capital would be the hardest. Maybe you could make one “unit” of the repeating foliage then duplicate it as many times as you need.

Some renderings of greek (and not greek) colums and pillars on my site too

in the still images section