Creating a hard Face around Subdivision Surface while using Crease creates Distortions

Hi there

I would like to create a hard face around a Subdivision Surface Modifyer without deleting the face.
Untortunately it creates Distortions at the outside edge.
Is there a chance to delete these distortions while still create a Face with rather hard edges?

Thanks a lot!

hello, maybe share your file so that we can give a try (with real topology, I guess it’s the best)?

Elephant.blend (592.2 KB)

Hi Moonboots

Thanks for replying. The File is attached.
I could solve the problem by applying the full Crease value of 1 and not an intermediate setting (which caused the distortions) and afterwards applied Bevel Modifier with Weight around the desired Edges.

Unfortunately the Bevel Modifyer seems to create a slightly brighter shade on the Material around the area it was applied to, which becomes obvious by switching it on or off in the viewport. So, if someone has a more elegant solution I’m all ears but that will do it for now.

with this kind of topology you will have sharp angles if this is what you want (and no need for crease):


That’s an idea.
Only problem seems to be, that every loop cut I insert, also slightly alters the rest of the model as I only want the hard edges at the front face, visible in your picture but not at the rest of the model.
Is there an option just to cut one single face for creating your topology without effecting the rest of the model?

it won’t be noticeable if your topology is correct, here for example I lowered down a bit this vertex:

But for this kind of object I would have done it with a bit more edge loops

All right. I will try to insert a few more and will also keep it in mind for next time.

Thanks a lot for your help and your input in my beginner phase!