Creating a keyframe on one object affects others.

I had an object for which I created an array, when I’d finished editing it I applied the array modifier. This left me with 10 objects, but all part of the same mesh. So I separated each including the first, so now I have 10 separate meshes.

But I have a strange thing happening when I’m trying to move them and setting key frames.

The first element behaves correctly, but if I move and set a key for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc, key frames are created for all the elements 2 to 10.

Is there something wrong with my logic? And how can I get around it?

I need the items separate as I need to revolve them all around their own center, but I’d sooner not have to create and place them all individually.

Any ideas?


I never did get to the bottom of this. Although I’ve separated each element they have stayed attached to each other in some way, moving a dope sheet point for one object affects others that are definite, separate objects.

Where should we put in bug reports?

If you added any keyframes before separating the objects then they will share the same Action data block. Any changes to that action will also affect other obejcts that use that action.

You can make all objects single users by U / Object Animation

Ah, that may well have been it, although it was over 3 days ago and I don’t have a chance of remembering back that far, but it sounds very possible.

Thanks Richard.

I have a similar problem. I’m building a pinball game and when the fiipper moves the plunger (the thing that shoots the ball out) moves as well. I went back and did the U Object Animation, but nothing changed. Any input would be appreciated. (using Blender 2.79)