Creating a laser light

(Abavagada) #1

How can one create a laser light [single beam of light, same size whole distance] in Blender. I know there were a few tutorials on this, but they all seem to be gone now. Can someone please help? Thanks

(jorx) #2

What I would do is create a plane, delete 2 vertices, (on the same edge) so you end up deleting 3 edges. You end up with 2 vertices connected by an edge. Subdivide that several times, then in Materials, press “Halo” the blue button in a vertical column of buttons. Fiddle with the settings, maybe do “Lines” to make it look cool.
Hope this helps,

(SKPjason) #3

Depending on the distance involved - you can also use a spotlight with halo turned on… and spotlight sizes brought down to the minimums…

(Abavagada) #4

Thanks, I will try the plane and halo trick.

I did try a spotlite with halo, but that creates a light that does grow in size, and the starting point is barely visible.

(S68) #5

A single segment with a halo needs to be subdivided a LOT of times to hav halos blend nicely, and you have to tweak alpha and add a lot before having something decent.

Try a plain long, thin rectangle properly oriented with a blend alpha texture on it.


(blenderanim) #6

Why not just ADD >> MESH >> CYLINDER?

Give it an alpha, red or green color and some emit?
Set smooth.


(Nayman) #7

one long thin line, with wire turned on, two verticies, a face between them… wire and colour is red… simple