Creating a looping particle animation when the emitter has a noise location modifier?

BBSBS_PowerpointBackground_1.blend (2.8 MB)
(You’ll have to bake all dynamics, but it shouldnt take long)

See attached file, not sure I can even explain this, but in eevee, there is this glowy particle system thing I made, but the problem is… I want it to loop.

Now I’ve been able to make this work in the past, but only when the emitter itself doesnt move. The EMITTER objects are driven by noise modifiers so they have no repeating pattern.

The emitters make 18000 particles over 3600 frames (2mins at 30fps).

I tried just creating a second particle system/emitter (with the same noise on it) and then setting it to start frame 3601 and spawn at the same rate, for the same amount of frames, with the same seed. Then moving forward in the graph editor the noise’s phase by 3600, but when I bake, theres a visible break in the particle streams, and it doesnt loop round at all.

Can someone advise how this is done? Is it even possible?
I know I could just cheat and have the “restrict frame usage” go back to 0 at the start/end but that will look too obvious.

Just a thought… maybe you could bake (keyframes) a section then cut and paste it in… Yeah I just tried it, in the Animation Graph Editor, you can try to Bake the keyframes then Un-Bake and you will get the keyframes.

You may have a look at some of these ?