Creating a Max to Blender plugin to convert vray/fstorm/corona files to Blender Octane/cycles


I am Neil, and our company Deckor ( has been taken a step to shift all its 3D operations to Blender from 3ds Max.
We have been using V-Ray,Corona and F-Storm as our rendering engine in the pipeline for 3ds max.
We are looking out for Developers to help us create a Blender converter engine which can convert 3ds max (vray/corona/fstorm) filers into blender cycles and octane.


  1. Create Converter Plugin for blender
  2. We are CGi studio based out of India and London.
  3. We are looking our for devs who can help around to create the plugin.
  4. I am open to hear the deadline details from the devs
  5. Description of the project is to create a plugin converter for 3ds max to Blender
  6. I am open to hear the bids and budget from the devs!

There’s workaround for that I use it all the time.

Convert vary/fstrom/corona to standard material and then export fbx or you can use this tool.

If you need to do it manually let me know. I am also from India.

That process is not suitable for complex shading networks

exactly, I tried it few moths ago, it was good only for basic shaders

as far as i know there’s no solution for complex shader.

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