Creating a mesh from an image... modelling help needed :D

I had an idea to make some pumpkins, given the time of yeah… Im going to be ‘carving out’ the shape of logos from a game I play (Eve Online, not that is relevant.)

Now, I’ve just been running some tests on materials and modelling before I start and I came up with this…

Basically made a plane, then used the image (which is just white and black) with a displacement modifer, with an insane amount of subsurf… then manually cut off the bottom faces…

Now the result I quite like, from a distance it actually looks pretty good… however, using this method, once I make a full scene, with several pumpkins… im gonna be looking at an INSANE amount of vertices which I’d like to avoid if there is a better method.

I concidered using a boolean, but dont have much experience with it and also figured I could run in to similar problems.

Any suggestions, beyond actually modelling them manually (which I may have to resort to anyway) would be greatly welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

Look at using curves The shape in your image seems pretty basic so just model it.

Yeah that shape is one of the simple ones, if it was just that one I’d have modelled it from the start lol (Im not that lazy, well, not usually :D) … but some are far more complicated… hense me posting up the question… I just had a bit of luck following my previous method and then using the decimate modifier, some very messy mesh results but useable I think… still open to any other tricks though.

The method I’m using seems to be getting somewhere, but it’s leaving me with a some really nasty vertices along the cut out area… Short of manually tidying it up, any tips re those edges?

What about softening or blurring the image slightly before you use it in Blender?

Ahh thats not a bad idea… I’ll give that a shot, thankyou