Creating a model/skeleton

Hey everyone waves
Sorry for being such a n00b, but i wanted to ask a few questions before downloading the program… i hope this is the right place, i feel like i’m kinda lost here after trying to read through the FAQ and forums and all… x)

My drawing skills have as good as disappeared compared to only 2 years ago so I’m mostly interested in a program like this to get a skeleton to work on, you know, for proportions and stuff. If i can create a skeleton i’m happy with, I can go from there. How is it like to create skeletons/models in this program? Is it relatively easy for n00bs or tricky and kinda difficult from the get-go? Can I readjust it to how I want it as I go along (use the same skeleton/model for several of my drawings instead of building new ones, twisting it around and playing with the point of view etc) or do I have to build the position right from the start? Is there even any “basic” skeletons/models ready for use, either along with the program or available for download, that is atleast somewhat correctly propotioned? How many skeletons/models can I create at one time, that are interacting for pics involving several people?

if the program would be suitable for what I need now i might venture out to try and do something more with it at a later time, but for now this is what i need. Is this a good program for me? or would I be better off with a program like Poser?

Would greatly appreciate if someone answered my questions. :slight_smile:
Thank you.

there are a couple different skeletal models on that you can play around with and check out the meshes to see how they were constructed/rigged etc.

How accurate of a skeleton model you want to build? Good skeleton model is not easy to build. It’s all organic form you know; backbones or ribs, every peace is different!

I usually build armatures from scratch, and I rarely make anything too fancy, so it usually takes just a few minutes. It’s good to use the bone mirroring functions when making a symetrical skeleton. just press ‘x-axis mirror’ in edit buttons, and use shift-E instead of E to extrude new bone segments.