Creating a much cleaner topology for likeness portraits

The area I removed need to be redone a lot. Possibly the lips too. I used this mesh previously but it had some issues in the areas I removed. I want to get much cleaner topology. May have to totally redo the neck too. Open to suggestions. I have several higher density meshes I can use for magnetic snapping.

How should I improved the edge flow?

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A little more progress. I’m trying to create a nice nose wing, but having trouble with the geometry around the nose. I either end up with a pole near wear the nose connects to the philtrum or get this weird triangle and not much of a nose wing. Would really appreciate any input.

A Great base head Male “for reference” … This is a base mesh done Jim Morren available from blender market.

I like the denser mesh around jaw muscle area and corners of forehead

My final wires! I left the torso fused since the sculpt will be clothed.