Creating a new game (not .blend) and looking for artists!

I’m gathering a team to build a simple multiplayer game. It will start off simply being networked with interesting maps, then we can add in features, role playing (not lame wait 30 second text rp), possibly interesting gravity play, whatever.

The game is being developed with the Irrlicht Engine with Raknet for networking. I’m the lead programmer right now and we definitely need artists (programmers wouldn’t hurt!). Anyway, this louse multiplayer environment will not be a mod, so it will be distributable to anyone.

If your interested our forums are at

Sounds interesting, do you already have the “world and lore” somewhat fleshed out. Could you tell me more about the 3D aspect…
1)what shaders are being used(plan on)normal & spec

2)what are the poly count requirements(for actors)as well as skin sizes, number of skins all that.

3)are you looking for prop modelers, character modelers, texture artists, and or level designers(most are dual task-able I know)