Creating a new object. Please help

I want to color two objects differently. I know how to color, but how do I create a different object to do so. They are both in the same mesh, so when I color one, the other colors as well. How do I seperate them?

Are you trying to make different faces, each a different color?

No, like - for a simple fir tree: a trunk and a cone. How to make the cylinder brown and the cone green.

  1. Make sure you add new objects in object mode to insure that they are separate objects.
  2. If you do want to separate part of the mesh, press P.and you have some options. In your case, select the cone and press P>Selected. (to select liked vertices hover over the cone and press L and it should select the entire cone).
  3. You can have up to 16 different materials on 1 object. More info here:

there is another way to do this too.

In the material button window, make sure the Vcol Paint button is pressed.

then put your object in UV face select mode by pressing F… then press V to enter vertex paint mode.

Now hold shift and right click on the desired faces, press N over the 3d window to open the color pallet… select your desired color, and press Shift K to flood fill the color on your selected surfaces.

here is some more information on vertex painting, you can do lots of nice stuff without having to UV map your model.
This is a great trick for the game engine to save resources:

it also can be used to bake on some nice shadows :smiley:

have fun!

there is an even easier way than that! select your object and put it in edit mode.
then put it on select faces.
go to the editing tab and under links and materials you will see something like this
decide how many colors you want and press “new” until the number in the gray box corresponds. (ie 2 mat: 2 or 3 mat: 3)
now lets say you want the trunk of the tree to be brown. you will select all the faces on your trunk and click the little box and use the color select thing and make it brown.
then click assign, and if you want to make the leaves green then use the arrows to scroll to another material, click the box and turn it green, select all the leaf faces, then click assign, and TA DAA your multi-material is done.