Creating a "projecter" with emissions in Cycles

I’m wondering if it’s possible to create a material that takes the emission effect that sheds light, and make it instead project an image or even a movie. I feel like this should be possible because I can attach an image instead of a diffuse when dealing with emission, but it doesn’t project the image. Does anyone know how to do this?

I’m thinking it would be pretty sweet because it would naturally come with the effect of being blocked by other objects (Like when you place your hand in front of a projector)

If anyone has any ideas please post them. Thanks!

After trying a bit, I conclude that this probably isn’t possible yet. But it might be possible to write a lamp material node which did this. As for right now, if you want this you’ll have to fake it (make an emit texture on light, make project same texture onto material you want to project onto as a texture, with emit as well.)

have you tried with an alpha map and a lamp behind

looks like emission does not really show the texture iamge not certain if it is a bug !

but keep testing

also may be this one

If you add a black background image in UV editor you can texture paint your object.
Then this map can be use as a texture
Need to save your UV image as PNG file.
In order to see this Map on object in viewport you may have to add a red line across the object
then erase some of it on the object
in texture paint.

light painting by

by McHammond

but seems link is dead

try a search on internet


An Emission surface does illuminate in all directions, so you can’t put it directly on that.

But generally in Cycles, try to do things like it would be build in real life: put a small and bright lamp behind a plane with a transparency shader, put your image on it. tada you got your projector. Maybe enclose it and give the inside a Black Material to reduce stray light etc.

Although this would imitate a projector that’s not what I’m going for. I want it to be able to move around and have the image follow it, like the spotlight in the Internal Render engine, but instead of putting a concentrated light, I want a concentrated image. So that I can rotate it and have the image follow.

cycles does nto ahve spit light yet

but try with a sun light inside an open box it might work!