creating a really simple island

Hi there lovely community,

I am totally new to this forum and that’s why I am shortly introducing myself in connection with Blender. I am also new at this software, but I had one (week-long) workshop about Blender, but to be honest with it, I forgot about 90% of how to handle this program.

I am currently doing some small exercises with Blender 2.49 and I am curious about the next release.

So the main thing why I am posting this here is to ask you, if somebody knows (or can do) an easy tutorial which shows how to create a small island in Blender, with some highs and lows in its area and that’s all.

Something like this - but entirely without trees, water around or textures:

Anyone who can help me with that issue? Sorry for my bad English, please feel free to ask me what I was about to tell you, if you don’t understand it. :wink:

I hope we’ll go very well together.

What you learn in workshop introduce you in to kind of things software can do. Real learning comes when you start to use it. Just experiment. Do some thing everyday. As you try and go over your notes, it becomes easier.

And here is my first try at your island. I made it out of plane, subdivided it, and raised some spots using Proportional Editing. Subsurf Modifier was added to make the mesh more round.


Thank you! That really worked well, even if it took me almost an hour to find the “subdivide” button. How do I open the context menu with its entry “subdivide”? I just changed the watch mode and the edit mode using the TAB button and clicked it then.

But all in all, thank you. :smiley: