Creating a scene with one human and 4 elements gods water+ fire or smoke + land+ air

.Hello i’m new to the forum sorry for my bad english i’m from Madagascar…this is the basic scene, the man is coming,the 4 elements gods are coming and we have an epic meeting,no fight just one man walking and stopping listening, the gods speak to him and flying around him.I know a little bit what i have to do technically to perfom the animations (i hope) but if i have a problem i will ask for some help.The scene contains already 8 particles systems, curve guided particles simulating moving/flying water , a plane with animated textures to simulate the stream,and metaball generated clouds that will be converted to volume material at the end because.I ve uses 8 layers till now.I would like to get some realistic environment rendering, i’m using blender internal , i feel more comfortable with it.


Wow I really like the concept, it can be so interesting. ^^
Very nice work. :yes:

thank you right now i’m trying for the first time the keyed particle system to form the gods, also i m modeling the characters with makehuman 7 and i will import as mhx rig inside blender.So much delicious homework…

designing and rigging the character 1 ‘‘the god of water’’ (particle sytem + metaballs + spine ik + animated texture and nor )

Looks like a scene out of Myst.

Woow, so cool…
This is an awesome project. :cool:

what is Myst?
Anyway this is the god of fire

Hello Xerubian , i’ve never heard about ““Myst””",anyway this is the second character the god of fire

This is Myst: :smiley:

It has been on of the first 3D graphic adventures.

here is the god of land

rough of the shaman design


the 4 gods